Art or Craft? – Annette Piper

19 10 2008

It’s a frequently asked question … “Is what I do art or is craft?”      


While what I do is attractive and takes skill and a lot of it is one of a kind, it isn’t rocket science either and given passion and practice someone else could probably do similar work.  


Therefore I am more likely to refer to myself as a designer and sometimes an artisan, rather than an artist.


I DO have some pieces in an art gallery and when I queried the appropriateness of my pieces in a gallery (yes, I know, keep quiet Annette!) the owner of the gallery told me that he could see my art in the way I put things together and even in my colour combinations.


On the other hand, I don’t believe my work is craft either – although I wouldn’t be upset to be referred to as a craftsman (woman!) as, to me,  that denotes a dedication to your ‘craft’ and a refinement of techniques.  


The perception of craft by the wider population tends to be someone who dabbles in making something that is not that difficult, although I am sure some ‘crafts’ are far, far harder than we imagine!


What IS important is that we follow our passions and that need to create – whether we call it art … or craft.


Amethyst and silver cocktail ring

Amethyst and silver cocktail ring


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