I’m a Bead Star!

9 12 2008


After months of keeping the information under wraps, I can finally announce that I’m a BeadStar! My entry in the Hearts category of BeadingDaily.com’s contest received First Place. The BeadStar contest is sponsored by Interweave Press and BeadingDaily.com.

Some of you might remember voting online for my Hill Tribe Hearts “Hearts Galore” necklace and my “Golden Animal Attraction” lampwork glass bracelet several months ago. Your votes helped get me to the Finals with other deserving entries. I am grateful to all of you for voting and passing on my request to your friends and family as well.

I’m very pleased with not only the necklace, but with the honor and can hardly believe I won a prize in the first beading contest I entered. I’m hoping this will be the boost my creative side needs to get going again with new designs. It’s been a bit of a dry spell between the economic woes and some personal struggles. Time to revive my creative spirit and parlay this honor into some good press, both locally and on the internet! Fame is fleeting, fortunes are welcome, and reality is ever present. I hope to enter some other contests, as well as submit projects to bead magazines. I’ve been told that I should do that in the past and I guess this is validation for me. It’s OK to put yourself out there, winning or not.

Here is another picture of my winning entry:


The First Place win in the Hearts category meant I was in the running for the Grand Prize (that honor went to Valerie Aharoni from New York for the lovely seed bead necklace that graces the cover of the inaugural issue of BeadStar magazine). Take a look at the magazine when you find it next week!


So what happens to the winning necklace? I had the opportunity to have it returned or to donate it to an auction to benefit the American Heart Association’s women’s heart-health initiatives. It seemed fitting that a necklace made of all hearts should be donated to a benefit for heart health. “Hearts Galore” will be on display at Bead Fest Santa Fe, March 12-15, 2009. Interweave will host a silent auction for five of the pieces live at the event on March 14 and 15, while the rest of the jewelry will be auctioned on eBay from March 6-16. I’m not sure which venue my piece will be in.

Information and contest rules for next year’s Bead Star 2009 contest will be posted on the magazine’s website, BeadStar.com, on December 16.

Fame, Fortune, and Reality – Lori Anderson

23 08 2008

This is a timely subject to be assigned, as I just got interviewed by Fire Mountain Gems.  They said they wanted to include me in their “Jewelry Artist Success Story” section of their web site.

I’ve been interviewed before, by blog owners and once by the newspaper, but it never fails to knock my socks off in surprise.  The reality is, I am so busy pushing myself that I doubt I’ll ever classify myself as a success.  There are soooo many things left to do!  But it’s still such a wonderful pat on the back to get recognition, and it’s always an honor.

Some of my favorite pats-on-the-back come from being “sighted”.  While shopping at a bead show, twice I’ve had someone ask, “Aren’t you Lori Anderson?”.  They said they recognized me from magazine tutorials or remembering me from a show.  That was really cool. 

One time my work got recognized and it was a hoot.  A woman said, “That looks like something from Lori Anderson” and I said, “I *am* Lori Anderson”.  That tickled me to no end.

The reality, though, is these little “rock star moments” never make me think “cool, I’ve made it”.  Rather, they push me to keep progressing with my work, to keep submitting things to magazines despite the fear of rejection, to keep tweaking and improving and updating.  I also never forget the reason I got into the jewelry design business — to be able to stay home with my child, and be involved to the fullest with his life.

Fame and fortune are fleeting.  Being hugged and told “I love you, mommy” are forever.

Look at me! I’m Famous – Deanna Chase

23 06 2008

What? You didn’t get the memo. I know, it came as a surprise to me too. Don’t feel bad, now you know. 🙂 The first time Greg (my hubby) and I went to an ISGB Gathering, International Society of Glass Bead Makers, we were both surprised at the amount of people who knew who we were. Of course, instead of gushing about what fabulous creations we made they gushed about how cool our lifestyle was. At the time we lived in an RV and traveled the US continuously, selling our beads and marbles online. We were stopped by numerous people with the, “Oh you’re the RV people. That is sooo cool! I wanna be you when I grow up.”

Okay, so we didn’t become famous, or is it notorious, in our little bead world by making fun stuff, though we think we do, we became known for our wacky lifestyle. Hey if it works roll with it, I say. So we have become known as the traveling vagabonds. Mostly people came to know us through message boards. I had a tiny 80 x80 picture of both of in an avatar and you’d be amazed at how many people recognized us from that tiny little picture. Be forewarned, when posting on message boards, there are far more people reading your words than you will ever know. So keep it positive people.

The reality now is, we no longer live in an RV. After four and a half years, I was ready for a house and a real studio. It has been almost a year now and I don’t miss being on the road all the time. I miss the traveling, but not the living in the RV part. It was great fun and I’ll always treasure it, who knows maybe I’ll do it again someday. But for now, I am happy where I’m at. So, will we still be famous? Probably not, though we have made a name for ourselves in the bead and marble world and thats all I really care about. Maybe we won’t see our names up in lights, but the business keeps the cash flowing and we don’t have to work outside jobs, and that is all the fortune I need.

Fame, Fortune and Reality – Susan Sheehan

17 02 2008

When it comes to our art or craft, most of us would like to eventually become famous.  Perhaps not recognized on the street, but certainly recognized in our medium.  In addition to feeling good about what we do, it is bound to increase our financial intake. But how does one become widely recognized and honored?  Or simply put, how do we get our name out there? 

Let me preface my advice by saying I am not famous….. Yet. But if I keep following my own advice, you’ll see my name elsewhere. Here are a few ideas to put you on the path to great fame: 

Get published – Write a how to article on a technique that has your unique twist.  Take great photos, write a clear concise set of instructions and see your name on the cover of a magazine at your favorite craft store.  You can also stalk the call for submissions at Lark Books.  Are you full of great advice?  Write a book. 

Teach – Teaching is a great way to get you known.  Each class is a slew of new faces that get to know you and what you do.  They tell their friends and have a memory of who you are for the rest of their lives.  Think of how many you could touch in the course of a year. 

Network – I know this one is widely used, but think about how you network.  Share your work with everyone.  Wear it, give it, or talk about it.  Join art organizations and participate.  Become a name seen among the members.  Become someone others in your medium can put a face or picture of your work to. 

Make a splash on the internet – If you are reading this article I know you utilize the internet.  But instead of just reading, participate.  Have a website and blog.  Join forums and post.  Join social networks and share pictures of what you do.   

Before you know it, people will start to know who you are.  You will get anonymous emails asking for your advice.  You may even get autograph requests.  Really!  It can happen to all of us. Any other ideas you would like to share I would love to hear.