The One Thing I Know for Sure – Annette Piper

17 01 2009

Hmmm, I might prefer to say, One Thing I Think I Know! 


And that is that qualty wil always sell.  It may not sell fast, but it will sell. 


I did a small show last year and was warned that the customer base of this show

* may not buy jewellery:

* were possibly into the metaphysical aspect of gemstones; and

* per sale $ would not be high.


Like anyone, occasionally I falter –  by trying to change myself to fit what I THINK the customer base would like – without actually having tried the show first or been told that that is actually what they are after. 


So I concentrated on my impulse level items and spent quite a bit of time, finding some great focal gemstones, making some samples, researching the metaphysical side of stones and listing them, and getting all these new things together in time for the show.   I didn’t have a lot of space and dedicated more than half of it to these pieces.


Now most of my jewellery is higher end gemstone and pearls so this was quite a departure from my usual line.  The remainder of my space – which was not very much at all – had a few pieces of my usual jewellery – more as an indication of the type of work I did.

Well, I had a lovely time.  I met some very nice people and sold one, yes, that’s right, ONE impulse-level item.   The majority of people thought I was just showing stones and they enjoyed looking through them, asking me questions and then wandered away. 


However out of the few pieces of my usual jewellery – HALF sold.    


I have finally learned that I should stick to what I know and what I’m good at – and that is higher end jewellery!  


I have followed my own advice since then – and at even the most unlikely places, I have sold at least something.  People really CAN appreciate the quality, even in the dire financial times we find ourselves – and some will still buy something they can see is quality and value for their money. 


(Yes, I still carry my impulse price items but they are definitely relegated as only a sideline rather than given pride of place!)


A beautiful three strand garnet bracelet by Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

A beautiful three strand garnet bracelet by Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery

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