Chasing Trends – Andrea Quenneville

31 12 2008

“Trendy” is a word that would never be used to describe my personal style or anything in my home. I’m not one to follow the latest styles or to concern myself with fashion. I’m sure my teenager thinks I’m completely lame! In my business, however, I often find myself wondering what is “cool” or trying to figure out what the hot colors are going to be for the coming seasons; not because I want to only offer trendy items, but because I want to tap into a different way of generating traffic in my shop. One of my goals has always been to offer a wide range of fabric choices to broaden the appeal of my products.

Too often, I’ve found myself on the tail-end of trends, or falling in love with fabric that was popular six months ago. I can’t tell you how many different owl fabrics I have that are languishing on my shelves, waiting for me to make them into totes. It’s pointless to sew them now, as owls seem to be waning in popularity. (It’s a good thing I love owls!)

I am currently packing my studio for a cross-country move, so my business will be closed for most of this winter. I honestly have been too busy with daily life to plan for this spring, so I hope to focus on creating a summer line that has some trendy elements once we’re settled. As always, I have grand plans for new bags that might never materialize. Or, maybe I’ll turn into a fashionista before the snow melts…stranger things have happened!

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One response

9 01 2009
Annette Piper

Trends come and go around me I’m afraid! Best of luck with your move 🙂

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