A Matter of Style by Solar Flare Creations

25 12 2008

I was shopping with a girlfriend the other day (an exceedingly rare occurrence for me) and when she looked at the clothes I had selected to try one she said ” You definitely have a particular style dont you, I would have picked all of those things for you”.

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have my bead style so readily apparent.  My modus operandi really does not lend itself to developing a specific style or signature bead.

I like to try new techniques, skills and designs, but the reccomended ‘practice, practice, practice’ does not sit well with me.  I tend to try something new once, then look at the result.  If it worked well, I generally declare it a success and move on.  If it didn’t turn out well, I tend to mentally put it in the ‘too hard basket’ for a few months, when I will try again. Luckily, sometimes my skills seem to develop by osmosis – I do a lot of my learning in the back of my mind, mulling things over.  Generally when I come back to it, the technique will click and off I go.  That’s how I learnt to make hollows.  I’m sure if I had kept trying the first time, I would have got it eventually, but my method is a lot less stressful and wastes a lot less glass.

So while I do have some favourites styles, namely Warring States dot beads,  my work tends to be eclectic and touch on a wide variation of styles.  I worry sometimes I should be developing a ‘signature’ style or design, that people will look for and keep coming back. But then I also wonder if it works just as well to produce work that satisfies a wide range of tastes and interests.

I may not have a signature bead – but I guess I do have a personal style… to dabble, to experiment, and try everything once.




3 responses

26 12 2008
Andrea Q

Great post…I think my style is similar to the way you work, only I use fabric!

5 01 2009

I enjoyed what you had to say, and believe your eclectic nature is your style. When I teach signature style to clients, it is about the intention at that moment. That brings in the right energy to make a choice. As a jewelry designer also, I find when I decide on a heart quality, like feeling connected, or open to sharing, or wanting to convey flexibility or freedom, I think it and the perfect color, inspiration shows up. That is because we are nature, and nature works that way. It attracts in what it is connecting to. When we design, it comes from a greater part of us that wants to share, give, make things better. This subliminal awareness allows us to bring out our Signature Style” just for that moment. I believe style is not a repeated copy of us, but a fresh intentional thought that manifests itself uniquely. That is your style. I would love for you to join me to share more about how style differs – see my blog Just keep designing as you think it you become it – KatStyle

17 01 2009

Thanks guys – it works for me, although I sometimes think I should be forcing myself to apply a bit more discipline and either work at learning a technique more consistently or produce an ongoing series of successful designs…

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