Motiviation – Heather Hertziger

11 10 2008

Motivation can be one of my toughest challenges.  I am trying to turn my bead making, fusing, and jewelry design into a full time, income-producing job.  So sometimes it is hard to make myself sit down at the torch because it feels like work.

 To try to get over this I promise myself little rewards sometimes.  The reward can be simple like if I get 3 sets done I can have some ice cream, or if I torch every day I can buy myself a new book. 

There are times however, when the glass provides its own motivation.  Occasionally I will discover that some sort of glass does something that I wasn’t expecting.  One example is this bead.

 This bead used my antique silver leaf and medium transparent blue.  When you look at the top of the bead it looks cloudy and hazy but what you can’t see in this picture is that the haze is caused by a reaction between the blue glass, the tarnish on the leaf, and possibly the gas flame (I’m not sure if the gas had any effect or not).  When I get effects like these I am often motivated to keep going to see what else I can get to happen.  These special effects are my favorite kind of motivators, the free and nonfattening kind.  

This post was written by Heather Hertziger at her home studio.  If you would like to read more of her ramblings go here.  Otherwise, please feel free to visit her site here and send her an email.  She would love to hear from you.



One response

15 10 2008
Annette Piper

Its great when all the stars are in alignment and the creativity flows without pressure! I need more of the non-fattening motivation at the moment too 😉

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