A Fresh Start – Andrea Quenneville

26 09 2008

Early this summer, trying to balance my business with my family responsibilities got too complicated. My kids were squabbling and I was exhausted. Because we do not depend on my income, I decided to take a summer hiatus from running my online shop. I continued to sew and accepted a few custom orders, but I did not focus on selling.

I tried my best to take full advantage of two months of breathing room. I played in the rain with my children, I sewed a tiered skirt for my teenager and I decluttered in the garage with my husband. We went hiking, we went camping in a remote area for a week and I took the kids on some special outings.  I got so involved with recharging with my family that I completely forgot to write an article last month!

I set a deadline for myself of re-opening my shop on September 1st. The last week of August was rather hectic as I scrambled to photograph the inventory I created over the summer. But as I rushed around, I realized that my break was successful; I was excited about sharing my new creations and trying some new marketing techniques. I felt energized and ready to try again at finding a better balance between family and business. I’m looking forward to the next few months of holiday selling and hoping that the relaxation from this summer will carry me through December.

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One response

1 10 2008

I think it’s great that you took time off to spend time with the family and kids and basically recharge. It also helps to put things into perspective…and your kids get to see you prioritizing based on many different needs.

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