What you need to start a lampworking studio-Deanna Chase

23 09 2008

Have you ever wanted a list of things you need to start a lampworking studio?  I am here to try to give you a complete list, with links on where you might find such items.  Note, the links I provided are of various suppliers and I don’t recommend one over the other.

First things first.  You will need a torch.  A lot of people start off with a hothead torch.  This runs off of strictly propane and is pretty inexpensive, costing about $30.  Many, many people start here, but the hothead is not very hot, despite it’s name and it takes a long time to melt glass. You can get a complete starter pack using a hot head here.  Cheap at $100.  It doesn’t include a kiln though.  But enough basics to try it out anyway.  Never, never sell beads that have not  been annealed.

More profession set ups:

What torches most of us use are  are duel mix oxygen/propane torches.  Popular beginer torches are the minor, betta, and lynx.

If you get a duel propane/oxygen torch you will need an oxygen source.  Either a concentrator or you’ll need to buy or rent an oxygen tank.  If you go with the oxygen tank you’ll need an oxygen regulator.  You will also need a propane tank and a propane regulator.  We use a BBQ tank sized propane tank.  Also hoses for your oxygen source and propane source.

Eye protection.

A kiln:  Popular kilns are:  Bluebird, Bead Annealers

Glass.  90 coe, 96 coe, 104 coe, or Boro Please do not mix the coes together.  The glass will explode!

Some sort of ventalation.


Bead release.

Tools.  Everyone picks and chooses their own tools and some make their own, using butter knives, exacto knives, and razor blades.

This list is just the basics you need to get started.  many of us have tons of different kinds of glass and tool swe have collected over the years.

Hope this helps!



3 responses

25 09 2008

I’m guessing this is Deanna…as I have been in this very studio! Lots of lovely beads come out of here!

25 09 2008

Oh ya. Oops. lol Thanks Lisa

6 11 2008

I am way before beginner…Let’s just say I have the interest bug. I am looking into taking a class to learn beadwork using Boro. I am trying to research online what tools I will need. I am at the beginning and I am having problems trying to determine the best kiln. I am interested in Lampwork, Boro glass beads and Silver Art Clay. It seems that my research is showing that I can’t use one kiln to work for all 3 of these products….Is that true?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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