Recharging – Lori Anderson

21 09 2008

No matter what job you have, whether it’s CEO of a Fortune 500 company or mommy to three, you have take time to recharge.  Doing the same tasks over and over again, no matter how enjoyable, can cause some serious burn-out.  A lot of people feel guilty if they’re not constantly working — because working is what pays the bills.  But if you don’t stop for a second, your happiness might take a nose dive.

I love making jewelry, but there are days when I just can’t look at another bead.  My creativity dwindles when I’m overworked, and even if I have a show looming on the horizon, I have to take a break.

So what do I do?

I catch up on reading my favorite blogs, play a video game (yeah, I know I’m 39, but it’s a guilty pleasure), I read a book.  I take my son Zack to a museum, or spend a day at Barnes and Noble.  I do something, anything, that takes my mind off designing and beads and jewelry and craft shows.

My major burn out always comes right after the Christmas rush.  A week before Christmas, I put away all the beads and I don’t make jewelry for a while.  That’s the time when I turn to other business stuff, like figuring out my business plan for the coming year or preparing for taxes.  That doesn’t sound like much fun, but doing something related to my work (non-design-related) actually does help me recharge and re-energize.

Regardless of what your work is, you have to take a break to maintain your sanity.  If you don’t, your creations will get stale, and you’ll lose your drive.  So even if it’s a short walk around the block or a moment to eat a particularly decadent chocolate bar, take the time.  And enjoy it.


Lori Anderson sells her jewelry at craft shows, on Etsy, and on her web site. She creates and blogs from Easton, MD.




One response

1 10 2008

I understand…sometimes I feel like if I even see another piece of folded paper waiting to be lined, I’m going to flip my lid. I just came back from a much needed camping trip and am so glad I went…I almost canceled, but knew I needed it bad…really bad.

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