Recharging-Deanna Chase

26 08 2008

When your full time job is to be an artist, it is an all important necessity to recharge your creativity. This is a timely topic for me, as I have been feeling a might bit burnt out. It’s hard to stop and recharge when you have bills to pay or when things are selling really well. No one wants to get off the sales wave when it is riding high. But when you start finding yourself procrastinating to the point of getting nothing done or dreading going out to the studio, what is one suppose to do? It is my experience when I start feeling this way, it is time to drop everything and just do something else.

Sometimes that something is to do absolutely nothing. Yep, nothing. My last recharge was three days of reading. Really, I took three days off and read the entire time. Sounds decadent doesn’t it? I know, I felt kinda guilty, but I still did it. And you know what happened? I went back into the studio that next Monday and had a really good time torching. I mean I had fun! Imagine that. Fun at work. I also came up with some new designs to play with.

The other thing I do, is I try to find something else creative to do besides melting glass. In the past I have tried some pottery, metal smithing, knitting, none of which I ever became proficient at, but there is still hope. My latest creative diversion is writing. Yep, a novel. Fiction. I’ve got a good 55,000 words down. Currently it is pretty bad, but when I reread certain passages I find myself entertained, so that must be a good thing. The great thing about writing is it takes my mind off the glass business, which takes up too much time in my head. I do work on the glass business six days a week, so that is a lot of time. But when I am writing I get to go to another world. It’s a great escape.



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26 08 2008
creative writers

Thanks for the post. I do agree with you that every body should do something creative and be continue in it. Writing is a creative work. Writing career is a good career. Writing is a art of expressing your ideas, feelings in suitable words so that it can be understand by readers.

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