The Balancing Act by Suzanne of Solar Flare Creations

23 07 2008

In responding to this topic, I should start by saying that I am not a career beadmaker. It is definitely a hobby for me, even if it does border on obsession at times. So, I must balance life, career (as an educator) and glass, which at times can be a tricky juggling act.


It would seem likely, even obvious, that the balancing act would be easiest in the holidays, when it would be assumed I could be found ensconced behind my torch for hours at time.  Strangely, however, I seem to manage the balancing act best when I am more pressed for time – when beadmaking can become a great escape from my everyday life. I never seem to be as productive in the holidays as I would like.


Between my responsibilities at work, and my beadmaking, I also manage to squeeze in my family, performing in amateur musical theatre, and involvement in the SCA.  So, a busy life that frequently borders on hectic.  When I sit at the torch and melt glass though, everything else falls away.  I have found that it reduces my stress, gives me a few hours peace when things are getting on top of me.  Working with molten glass is not an occupation for the distracted.  You must be totally focused on what you are doing, for the sake of safety and control, and staring into the orange glow of molten glass and flame can be mesmerising.


I’m not sure I always manage the balancing act successfully – I know Solar Flare Creations would be more successful if I could be more prolific in the number of beads I have available. It has, however, provided a valued refuge for me from my day to day world and the stress of work, so it’s a balancing act I will continue to practice.

Spearmint Pastilles

Spearmint Pastilles




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25 07 2008

All in good time Suz!

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