Studio – Lori Anderson

20 07 2008

Some of my friends have the most beautiful studios imaginable — one even has one so amazing that a magazine wants to cover it as a feature article.  

Me, my studio is my kitchen table. 

I have a five-year old son and a wonderfully supportive husband, and we spend our time in the family room.  The family room/eating area/kitchen all are one big room, so it was second nature to set up shop right in the middle of it.  That way, I could design and make while still being with my family.

Want to take a tour?

Here’s a bit of the table, in its normal state of chaos:

 Messy Studio

My fuel: 


My beads are stored right behind my chair, in a Collectors Cabinet — very handy! 


I also have an office — it used to the formal living room, which we never used as such.  I do all my computer/web work here, as well as take photos, manage shipping, and all that behind-the-scenes stuff that takes up TOO MUCH TIME.

So we have the computer desk — notice the photos on the screen, waiting to be uploaded to the web site, a stack of postcards to be mailed to customers, the huge pile of receipts waiting to be entered into QuickBooks…..


Then we have the photo “studio” — the big bowls hold bags of jewelry waiting to be snapped….


And then a bookshelf full of bead catalogs, a calender to record events, a postage scale, and a trash can that never seems to be empty ….


And there you have my studio!  We’re working on making my glass and metal studio, which is separate from the house, a bit more hospitable – an air conditioning unit is a MUST this time of year!  But I really like my studio being in my house.  I don’t miss out on family time, and I can work on something without having to drive to another studio.  It’s a mess, but it’s home.




10 responses

20 07 2008

A great studio with a cute little guy in it!

20 07 2008

I love your studio. your assistant seems to be digging into those “catalogs”. How nice to have such good aid, lol.

p.s really want that storage unit!

21 07 2008

I LOVE your bead cabinet!! And your walls are PURPLE! No wonder you make such awesome jewelry, in an environment like that. I too have my studio in the dining/living room, it’s nice to be able and sit there and make jewelry at the same time as being in the middle of everything going on 🙂

21 07 2008

*oops* I messed up my link in my previous comment. I put a slash between my website and my blog (couldn’t decide which one to post), sorry about that!

21 07 2008
Lori Anderson

Yeah, I do love my purple! I have a good sport of a husband about that — in a house full of men (even the cats), I have a purple couch, a periwinkle office, and a deep aubergine bedroom — I had to stop after that!

22 07 2008

Your studio looks a bit like mine…taking over the house! My husband has given up getting the kitchen table back fully! Something about him being gone 5 days a week weakens his case!

Great cabinets, Lori!

23 07 2008

Thanks for the tour! I’m really loving the photos of your work framed on the wall behind the lightbox. Really beautiful!


24 07 2008
Andrea Q

Lovely office!

24 07 2008
Lori Anderson

Oh that’s not MY work! That’s postcards I’ve gotten from various other jewelry and bead artists that I admire!

7 03 2009

Yes! I’m not the only one who uses bowls to sort!! 😀
and plates.. and bags… and anything else that works, really… and I am in love with your cabinet.

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