Conflict of Color – Andrea Quenneville

27 06 2008
Orange Tithonia

Since I was young, I have loved loud, vibrant colors. I imagine that I took my cues from the flower-topped weeds lining the dirt road I grew up on or from the marigolds my mother planted every year. I used to wear some outlandish outfits in middle school when all the “hot” hues were in style, but as I’ve gotten older, my love of bright colors has learned to compromise with other aspects of my personality and with my husband’s preference for neutral, earthy hues. When I look around our home, I see comfort and simplicity, but there are few hints revealing that my favorite color is orange. I am struggling to find a way to blend desert hues with those of pine-topped seaside cliffs and the fields of wildflowers that I love. Mother Nature does it effortlessly, but I am not so lucky.

Choosing fabrics for new projects is one area where my love of color escapes and freely explores the possibilities. I can spends hours in a quilt shop finding coordinates to perfectly compliment one another. I tend to downplay a bright print with a conservative one, but I often put gorgeous fabrics back on the shelf because I am conflicted about combinations. When I see a new collection, I am sometimes saddened that the conservative mom in me trumps my artistic side’s desire to use the wild and gaudy prints. For now, I am imagining ways to inject color into the ‘house of dreams’ we hope to buy later this year, while I work away in my little office surrounded by stacks of fabric that remind me of Mother Nature’s grace and unlimited palette.

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2 responses

28 06 2008

What a great article! I love the colors and patterns of fabrics (from another life) too!

28 06 2008
Andrea Q

Thanks for the compliment, Lisa!

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