Ellusive Inspiration – Suzanne of Solar Flare Creations

16 06 2008

I always find it quite difficult to talk about inpiration in relation to my glass beads.  I sometimes struggle to find inspiration in what may be seen as the obvious places. I had, for example, hoped to return from an exotic overseas trip with lots of new ideas relating to the experiences I had, the cultures I witnessed, the art I observed….. and yet in the 18 months since that trip, none of my beads have directly responded to those experiences.

I am very fortunate to have a 4 page artist’s profile published  in this months Creative Beading magazine here in Australia.  To quote from that article My interests are quite eclectic, so I draw my inspiration from a lot of different areas. My study of historical beads has been a great inspiration, but I am also inspired by an approach to various skills and techniques,rather than external stimuli. Often I work on a series of beads to acquire and extend my skills, and I am always influenced by the range of colours available…”

I often find myself considering the differences between a craftsperson and an artist, and at this stage of my beadmaking career, I often feel I lean more towards the craft.  The impetus behind the beads I produce is so often a desire to master a particular skill, technique or tool, rather than a desire to express a more nebulous concept.  I don’t feel that this is any way affects the aesthetic appeal of the final product, but it is an interesting approach from one who has studied and taught Fine Art for many years. My recreations of  historical beads are also driven by research, rather than artistic intent, although aesthetic appeal always remain paramount in my work.

Suzanne blogs and beads at her studio in the Dandenong Ranges, Australia.





4 responses

16 06 2008

Suz…congratulations on the article! I hope you get lots of inquiries from it. I feel lucky having had the good fortune to hold some of those beads.

Well done!

19 06 2008

Congratulations! Four pages? This is wonderful!

21 06 2008

It’s such a fine line separating art and craft, ever so subjective, ever so elusive!
Congratulations on the article!!

21 06 2008

Thanks Laura and Oksana, I am very excited about the article! 🙂

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