Texture – Susan Sheehan

14 06 2008

One of the amazing things about glass is the ability to alter light.  Glass can transmit, bounce or reflect light.   Who doesn’t love a good suncatcher in the window?  The magic of sunbeams dancing about a room is fascinating. To create light altering beads I employ texture. 

Not only can texture send light flying in all directions, but it can produce a look that begs to be touched.  Adding depth to my beads is a challenge I enjoy.  Using a varitey of tools, I can manipulate glass in sculptural ways.  The beads can bounce light as well as take on an interesting shape.

Texture in glass is not only a feeling, but a look.  Silky smooth glass can also appear to have texture. A mixture of transparant and opaque glass is a subtle way to create depth. 

Creating with glass offers possiblity and challenge.  Employing the concept of texture helps add dimension and interest in glass beads.  Focus on texture in your next work and see where it leads you.




4 responses

15 06 2008

Glass is truly a fascinating medium to work with.
The beads you create are amazing! The photos are spectacular- you can really see the light at play with the glass in the top photo.

16 06 2008

Beautiful pieces. I especially like the first light green one with the light shining through. That is just stunning!

16 06 2008

It think it is texture that drew me to glass beads…the variety keeps me inspired.

19 06 2008

It’s the top set…they blow me away. They have such a pretty clean look, but then they look vintage at the same time. Have you ever considered making glass doorknobs? I think you could really make some beautiful ones…even dresser knobs.

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