Recharging- Oksana Prokopenko.

29 05 2008

One of the reasons I write is that I seem to acquire a magical ability to connect the dots previously unseen, to air out vague yet profound feelings. It is as if I rake up old, last year’s leaves of ideas off the surface to uncover a sleepy crystal clear lake underneath, brimming with new life and desire. Yet I was surprised, that while intending to write of hikes and forests, rivers and mountains (my preferred recharge environment), I wrote of etsy.
I still do not fully understand why I started an etsy shop. I am not a shopkeeper. Promoting things is not one of my strengths. I can hardly do the same item twice.
Then I had an insight why mulling over the upcoming post:
I like the freedom it gives me to experiment with new stuff. It is as if I put on a different hat and allow myself to do things quirky and odd, out of my ordinary routine. I realized that I think of myself as a serious artist- too serious, really, to my own detriment! I’ve forgotten how to have fun with all things creative. This of course explains why I could not put my name down- me? Associated with all these seemingly unrelated crazy things? No way!
And yet, I inch forward in the new direction. My etsy shop has become more of a lab: a place to try, a permission to fail, no strings attached. I understand now that it was not the business I was after, but a place to play. The shop has become my playground. I have explored with a child’s curiosity. I have tried mediums from decoupage to video in just the past six months. I am learning to get out of my own way, and silliness and joy are back on my daily agenda.
Surprisingly (or is it?), my other ‘serious’ self has only benefited!



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29 05 2008

Your Etsy shop is lovely and the photos of your pieces are fantastic…I am not as playful when it comes to my shop, though I’d like to be. I feel like I need to recharge and come back to it with a more playful attitude…instead I stress out about how understocked it is. I too, usually write to clear my mind and my favorite recharge environments are woods and water!

8 06 2008
Netty Gritty

I loved this post. Thanks for sharing this blog in my blog! D
I am also an artist and I can totally understand what you were getting at. I think this is a big advantage of an artist – s-he can be playfully serious about anything in the world! 😀

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