Recharging – Suzanne of Solar Flare Creations

17 05 2008

I have had an unscheduled, chance to ‘recharge’ and have a break from torching lately. The digital controllerr on my kiln went on the fritz, and it was weeks until I could get an electrician to look at it. Then it had to go back to the manufacturer to be repaired and reprogrammed.  All in all, about 5 weeks with no kiln. And hence no torching.  Ironically, it’s only been a few months since I started garaging beads as I torch, so there is no real reason I couldn’t have gone back to batch annealing for the duration. Perhaps I did need a chance to recharge (or maybe I’m just lazy 🙂 )  Whatever the reason, today was my first day on the torch for a great many weeks, and it was very enjoyable.

My day job has been quite stressful and demanding this year, and I have not been able to give my beadmaking the attention I would like. I have also been a little demoralised with the slower market for bead sales, and the need to find new venues for selling. One thing I have always dreaded is making my hobby seem too much like hard work, so the enforced hiatus from torching has not necessarily been a bad thing.  I was able to return to the torch today revitalised and looking forward to many happy hours melting glass.  My new TV and DVD player in the studio didn’t hurt, either. 🙂

Solar Flare Creations




2 responses

20 05 2008

The dvd player in the studio is brilliant…I love having movies on while I work…I also listen to books on cd…and plays on cd.

20 05 2008

Yeah, its been good, but my brother thinks Im going to set myself on fire. 🙂 At the moment Im restricting myself to watching my rather large collection of TV series on DVD, that I have watched over and over, so I can listen more than watch.

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