Fame, Fortune and Reality – Annette Piper

17 05 2008


Do you wish for your name to be linked with something incredibly desirable?  Do you wish for financial success? 


Whilst most of us would like both fame and fortune, we are well mired in the reality of working for a living.  It would be lovely to be so famous for my jewellery that people seek me out.  That my jewellery sold instantly, allowing me ample funds to purchase more desirable stones. 


In my case I must find the time to source stones, create, make, and sell my jewellery.  All whilst being a full time mother and assisting my husband with the family business.  


And instead of fame, I am slowly getting known outside of my immediate area (word of mouth is an excellent technique for promoting your business, but it is rather slow) and I have a sufficient turnover of pieces that I can purchase more supplies.   


I have had opportunities to expand my business and increase my profile.  However I had to look long and hard at what these opportunities would ‘cost’ me.   Did I want to go from having a creative outlet which I really enjoyed and with only the deadlines that I put in place, or was I desirous of working to other people’s schedules, having to get in extra help and putting a lot of pressure on myself?   After much consideration I realized that I was making jewellery for the pleasure it afforded.  I didn’t want an ever-increasing workload, even if that meant staying small (and the amount of work I could create and the sales necessarily stayed small too).


I guess I could always hope that one day I’ll be ‘discovered’ and made famous for my designs.  But till then I think I endeavour to enjoy each day as it comes, to keep creating jewellery for both my sake and those of my clients who relish it as much as I do.  All whilst being there for my children and having the flexibility to work and to take breaks according to my own, personal timetable.





Quartz and pyrite necklace by Annette Piper Dip. Gem. Handcrafted Jewellery



2 responses

20 05 2008

That necklace is gorgeous…those look like pyrite spacers??

I always admire shops on Etsy where they sell a lot, but put in the profile that they can’t offer wholesale. I see so many people viewing wholesale as a sign they are making it, but ultimately some end up feeling overwhelmed and pressured. I read an article where the seller said that offering wholesale is a choice and we shouldn’t think turning it down is bad business. I like the way you’ve balanced your own business and realized that making jewelry for pleasure (as well as income) is your goal…not just income/fame.

20 05 2008

Thanks Laura – yes, the spacers are indeed pyrite.

Lets hope I am someone who has masses of sales without wholesale too! 🙂

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