Mission: Studio Organization – Alexia Petrakos

15 05 2008

One thing about my workspaces, including the studio, that I’ve noticed is how easily they become completely unusable. I tend towards creatively organized chaos, but there’s only so much floor space I can “organize” things on. Eventually just walking into my studio is hazardous to anyone’s health.

At the beginning of this year I decided I needed to organize my studio in a way that makes me want to keep it so. This required three things: time, help and lots and lots of clear plastic boxes.

I cleared an entire weekend from Friday night to Sunday night. Nothing else was planned, the husband’s schedule was partially cleared, phones went unanswered and Netflix movies unwatched.

I enlisted a friend of mine, Abby, who is an aspiring professional organizer for the help but also the motivation. I would not have been able to even begin without her. Just looking at the door to my studio would send me running in the other direction.

Abby gave me instructions before I started to get as many clear plastic boxes as I could. The contents would be easy to see and my supplies wouldn’t be difficult to locate. So the fun began. Because my living room was relatively clear of everything except furniture, we used it as a staging area. Everything went out of my studio into piles on my living room floor. Since I make a variety of things, I needed to separate my supplies based on their purpose.

Once everything was cleared and separated, we set up my studio furniture into four stations – bookbinding, sewing, cutting & everything else. Once we decided where these stations were, we could start putting my supplies in boxes and placing them near the appropriate stations.

The before and after photos are proof that a bit of work and some planning can turn complete chaos into a usable, organized and calming environment to work in. I still have a bit of decorating to do – painting walls, hanging shelves & artwork, but it’s a pleasure to create in my studio now.

Here are a few before & after photos (top 3 photos are before, 4th & bottom row is after):



4 responses

15 05 2008

Thank you for this motivating post. My studio is a complete disaster right now and in a major state of mess….I hope to spend a weekend just sorting and organizing soon. Glad you had a friend to help!

15 05 2008

Great job on the studio!

Please put your name in the title of your post so we know who you are!

17 05 2008
Annette Piper

Well done! It looks like a place where you can settle in and work away 🙂

19 05 2008
Andrea Q of Quirky Bags

Your post inspired me to clean my studio! Best of luck with keeping your space organized.

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