Recharging: Lisa Liddy

11 05 2008

Recharge: Refresh, restore, revitalize, renew, renew

I guess you could say I’m “recharging” now. Sales have been stagnant on non-essentials like jewelry for a few months and seeing more money going out on show expenses than coming in, means time to re-evaluate. Summer is coming and people have vacations on their minds more than beautiful necklaces and bracelets. (Not saying I agree with that logic!)

Do I think that the stimulus checks will see their way to boosting my sales? Probably not—in the short term anyway. And since I don’t see my style of jewelry going out of style, I am biding my time. Business from my “day” job (book design) has been up consistently since the first of the year, so that takes the front seat. I wouldn’t have had time to build inventory and create new designs, much less spend the time on marketing, so I’ve not been in panic mode. It seemed a reasonable time to go with the lull.

So now is the time to:

  • Explore and master new techniques.
  • Fine-tune the production process.
  • Tidy up the work area (OK, seriously, I may never get to that point).
  • Catch up on design magazines.
  • Design new Melonhead Joolz for the summer season and upcoming charity events.
  • Sign up for classes to expand my skills.
  • Investigate contests and submissions.
  • Research other sales venues.
  • Make Joolz just for me!

I’m working on plans for a couple of home parties in different states this summer as well as planning some long weekends with bead friends.

I’ll be ready when the market turns around…refreshed and recharged…

Lisa Liddy, Joolz by Lisa



One response

14 05 2008

I think this is a great idea…so often we don’t just go with the lull and spend time frantically making new things to see if we can generate more interest. I think using this time to take care of other things is wise and shows a great deal of confidence in your work and sales for the long haul.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get my studio organized!

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