Ruled by Fashion? – Suzanne of Solar Flare Creations

31 03 2008

Fashion and trends have such an influence in our lives.  What we wear, what colours we like, what our favourite TV shows are – they are often influenced by what is the ‘flavour of the month’ in the wider world.  I guess I am as susceptible to fashion as the next person, but I do not let it dictate my tastes.  I definitely wont wear a style I dislike, or that isn’t flattering, just because it’s currently in fashion, and likewise, I don’t make beads I don’t enjoy, just because there is a current trend.  In actual fact, fashion has very little to do with what beads I produce.


As the majority of my current customers are in the US, I do sometimes plan bead colours to suit the upcoming American seasons. My beads come from what I feel driven to create, however, so I am rarely influenced by trends and fashions, other than to be aware that the colours I use will suit the season.  And not always even that – I make what I like.


In beadmaking, you could easily be driven by fashion – not only in choosing designs and colours to suit current clothing fashions, but also by the trends that sweep the beadmaking world.  For those of us who frequent the online world of bead forums and auctions, it is often very obvious when a particular technique, glass or style is all the rage. We even see trends in approaches to marketing and selling venues.


Despite this, I rarely find myself influenced by the outside world in this way, unless it is to attempt to master a new lampworking technique, or as mentioned, to be aware of the upcoming  season of my target audience.


But to start a new trend in lampworking, to come up with a design or technique that sweeps the lampworking world – now that may be something all beadmakers would aspire to!



Suzanne blogs and torches in her studio in Melbourne, Australia.



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