Being open to inspiration is the first step to finding it – Deanna Chase

21 03 2008

Finding inspiration for our art can be both spontaneous and a challenge. Absolutely the best kind of inspiration is when an idea just pops out of no where and grabs hold of you. Well, maybe it doesn’t just pop out of no where, but it is an idea you were not expecting. Then it grabs on and doesn’t let go. I have learned to pay attention to those moments, but to not force them.

My most recent inspiring moment, was when I was trying to come up with a gift for my father for Christmas. I knew I wanted to make him a marble, but I didn’t know what kind. I am pretty new to the marble scene and pretty much my ideas are limited to what I know how to do. In my brain storming, I was coming up with things he enjoys and likes to do. One of his favorite hobbies to restoring an old Ford truck. I have no illusions that I would be able to some how make a Ford truck inside a marble, so I quickly ran through his other interests. My next thought was golf. He really does enjoy golf, and when I was younger we had father/daughter golf day a few times. So, the golf marble was born, using stick figure animation I call it. Which led to a whole series of sports themed marbles, which I am currently having a ball with. No pun intended.

It is interesting to see where ideas can end up going. I have plenty that went no where, but the water bucket. Which is death for any kind of hot glass.Those ideas are not necessarily abandoned, just on hold. At some point I hope I will learn something that will bring me back to them.

In the mean time I will continue to be inspired by nature, brain storming with my hubby, and my most favorite places to find inspiration, which are book stores and google images.



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