Fashion and Trends – Annette Piper

3 02 2008

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, seasons inextricably linked to the fashion world and all that entails.  Fashion can be inspiring and sometimes, simply frightening!

Basically I am old enough to not follow the trends or fashion.  I know what I like and what suits me, which makes shopping a whole lot easier.   But we can’t help be guided a little by fashion if only being limited to what we can purchase in colour or cut.

As a jewellery designer I can certainly be affected by trends and popular fashion colours or even fashion designs.  But as artists and artisans should we be slaves to what the fashion houses declare?

For example, a design of high necks or collars would mean my necklaces have to be longer to accommodate going over shirts/tops.  They may have to be a little bolder to be noticed.   Popular colours can affect my selection of stones a little eg. soft baby pink or hot pink, apricots or creams, icy clear or straw coloured.  Trends such as linear or chandelier earrings or chunky necklaces will encourage me to make a few of these and include them in my range for those that are more fashion conscious.

Usually I find if I follow trends too closely the jewellery created has limited appeal.   It’s important to define your ideal customer when considering your new creations.  Luckily, my market is women just like me !





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