Do You Choose Your Style or Does it Choose You? – Deanna Chase

12 01 2008

Most artists have a style, whether they realize it or not. In fact I would venture to say all artist have their own style. The question is how do each of us find our own style? Do we find our style, or does it pick us? For me I would have to say my style choose me. I make mostly what is comfortable for me. It is very much the same as to what I wear and how I decorate my house.

Does this mean I don’t like to step out of my comfort zone? Probably. I like instant gratification. I like to make things and know they came out nice and pretty. It really is only when I get bored that I try new things. My new things are definitely influenced by the people around me. However, somehow I think my own personal style still shines through.

The staple of my line is surely my floral beads. These are heavily influenced by Kaye Husko, who taught me how to do them. However, it is clear when you look at each of ours, that they are different. Clearly that is our styles showing through. I can’t define it and I can’t explain it, but it is there. The placement, the colors, the designs, all similar, but when put together, they are distinctly different. It’s kind of fascinating really.



As for my recent explorations in marbles, those are heavily influenced by my husband Greg. Clearly, he is my teacher, and the one I look to for tips, ideas, and instruction. He is a whimsical artist at heart, and I can see some of that showing through in my pieces, but still there is that something different that shows through. Style. That piece that you just can’t put your finger on. At least I have trouble doing that.



Then there are the pieces that just grab you and a new idea is born. Like my dragon beads. A driven desire to make something similar to a picture on a book. I have a friend who calls it giving birth. Giving birth to a new idea, a new style, a new direction. It sure does feel like that too. Of course it isn’t really a new style is it? It is developing and using skills from our own styles that lead us to the new idea or piece.



I’d have to say that style grows, just as skills and interests do. It is ever changing, if we are growing, which is so important as an artist. Important not just for business growth, but for growth as an artist.





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12 01 2008

I absolutely LOVE those marbles. I want to start collecting them soon — just want to find a good way to show them off!

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