Color – Kendra Sanders

3 01 2008

I love color! I must admit, though, that it’s a new found love. And so, I am just beginning to explore the fascinating world of unexpected color combinations. But boy am I ever making up for lost time.

As a “forty-something” I am learning to look at the world through eyes that aren’t quite as traditional as they used to be. I grew up in the “Preppy 80’s” and grew to really love wearing all the cute grosgrain accessories in bright tropical stripes. Pink and green ruled the day. But as I grew older and entered the corporate world, navy blue and black took a stronghold on my sense of fashion, and from there seemed to infiltrate my entire personal style. Everything from choosing a car to home decorating. I thought it was a real stretch when I chose to decorate my living room in a cottage style, with denim sofas and yellow and rose accent pieces. Oh yea, now that’s going out on a limb.

Then one day, I woke up and felt the need to totally and completely revamp. Literally. I woke up and looked around and wanted color everywhere. I started in my living room. I found the most intense red sofas, a gorgeous area rug that sings with bold reds and greens and blues and golds. A huge sofa painting that reflects that same scheme. And curtains that are piece worked sheer organza in fabulous jewel tones, reminiscent of contemporary stained glass art. All the accessories are bright, bold and funky. I love this room. It’s me. Well, at least it’s who I am today. Ten years ago, I would have been very hesitant to throw myself into a design with so much intense color.

Whatever it is that has turned me on to the incredibly rich world of color has also affected my glass bead designs. Just recently I spent a few days working under a personal challenge. The challenge was this: To make beads, each with at least 5 different colors, no white, and combinations that I wouldn’t normally work with. Orange and aqua. Teal and periwinkle. Raspberry and spring green. I had a blast working on these beads and the results far exceeded my expectations. What started as an experiment in color has now become an addiction. Each time I sit at the torch I am just aching to come up with some new combination that really clicks.

I had been in a real rut as far as my bead making was concerned. This little exercise really helped me see some new and exciting possibilities. Now, I have a new energy and a real excitement, even a sense that I’ve reached the “next level” in my skill development. That’s very exciting to me, because as I look back on my journey in the lampwork world, I can recall milestones where my work would take on a new look or a new personal meaning. I definitely think this is one of those markers in time.





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