Inspiration – Lori Anderson

30 12 2007

Inspiration in design is such an individual thing that I’m going to tell you what inspires me.

My inspiration for jewelry design is really quite simpel — I am inspired by the beads themselves and color combos.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it does go deeper.

When I go to a bead show, there is almost a sensory overload from the sheer numbers of beads available.  Where to start?  What to pick?  More often than not, a strand of beads or a stellar finding will just “appear” and make itself known to me amongst the hundreds of other strands.  It could be the color, the texture, the shape of the bead that attracted me – it could be how it feels in my hand when I pick it up. 

One of my favorite gemstone dealers knows me well enough now that he holds back some “ooh aah!” strands for me, and as soon as I see them, a design almost immediately pops into my head.  It’s almost like getting a vision, for lack of a better description – but it’s very handy!

Color combinations inspire me as well.  I have a huge notebook of magazine clippings from flower catalogs, fashion magazines, and (of all things) bedding catalogs.  I’ll snip out a bit of the color combo and stick it in my book for later.  I collect paint chips from Lowes and will sort them around until a color goes, “Ah!”.  If I see someone wearing a really cool outfit, I’ll rush to right down the colors in a notebook that I carry everywhere.

My design table is constantly FULL of beads.  I’ll go to the bead cabinet to retrieve a bead for a project I’m working on, and beside it will be one that triggers an immediate design in my head.  I’ll put those on the table, and then the same thing will happen again when I got to get out another bead.  It can get overwhelming so I have to be a little strict with myself – if I can’t see the table top ANYWHERE, it’s time to show some restraint.

Regardless of what inspires you, embrace it, and work it for all it’s worth! 




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30 12 2007

Lori…I think we were separated at birth!

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