Fashion and Trends – Connie Wyatt

26 12 2007

Fashion is, to say the least, a transient thing.  Fashions come and go with the times and seasons.  Women today are bombarded with choices all clamoring for their attention, and more importantly, their dollar.  Women are sometimes referred to as slaves to fashion.  A trend is here today and out tomorrow.  Some of my girlfriends have closets that are obscenely crammed with articles of clothing and then complain that they have nothing to wear, and off to the mall they go for another round of shopping for the latest style, in the hottest colors.  It is like a merry-go-round that never ends until you are either too exhausted or too broke to play the game. 

I do believe that a woman can go about the game in a way that will not break the bank or dampen her spirits or injure her self esteem.  I heard a woman, who was in a position to know what she was talking about, give some great advice that I have never forgotten.  Her sage advice was to invest in really top quality basic pieces in very basic colors that are classic in design.  I think black is the favored perennial color that lends itself well to the idea of accessorizing these basics with trendy items in the hot colors of the season.  Perhaps you could have two very basic black dresses, one in a lightweight fabric that works well in summer, say with short sleeves, and one that will be of a heavier, warmer fabric that can take you thru winter.  You would want to choose figure flattering designs that might go a long way toward camouflaging your particular figure flaws and highlighting your great features!  Or, you might have a summer palate of basic colors and a winter palate of basic colors.  Perhaps in your winter wardrobe, you have blacks, dark blues, and chocolate browns as your basic palate and in summer you choose brighter basics of khaki and white and of course, your basic black is for all seasons.  If you choose your basics with great care, you will be able to wear them for years to come.   

Now it is time to take these basic pieces to the next level!  Take for instance the animal print trend!  If you had a good basic black dress in your closet that was designed to wear with a belt, you could get yourself a wonderful belt in an animal print and maybe add a fun pair of shoes in a matching animal print and walk out of the house feeling well put together as well as in fashion!  Or, what about when HOT pink was all the rage?  That same basic black dress would have looked just as great wearing a belt in hot pink, or perhaps you could add a really gorgeous hot pink beaded necklace?  Do you see how you can make a basic wardrobe work for you and still keep you in style and be able to keep up with seasonal trends? 

For me, I love basic black because it covers a multitude of sins.  It also provides me with a great opportunity to display my vast collection of jewelry to its best advantage!  I also personally prefer to wear dresses most of the time as I find them more comfortable, as well as always acceptable for any occasion when out in public.  One of my little tricks is that I have a basic black jumper or two, and I love to find different blouses in assorted colors to change it up.  This strategy allows me to maintain a simple closet and relieves me of having to buy so many clothes.  Do you have a good strategy to help you keep up with the latest in fashions?  Feel free to share your comments!





One response

28 12 2007

Good insights! I operate under the “solid knit top” theory…Find one I like with a neckline made for jewelry and buy it in multiple colors…and the “Basic Black” theory, of course!

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