Motivation – Annette Piper

21 12 2007

We’ve all been there.  The wall.  The invisible barrier.  The place where we almost get to our bench, our desk, our work table and there is just something there forcing us away from what we need to do!   Most of the time I give in, accept my procrastination and, somewhat relieved, go and do something else!

But we all eventually have to break down this barrier and get back to work – back into the groove and reignite the passion!

How do you do it?   Sometimes it is really difficult to do as each situation is different.   If I have taken too long a break from designing it is almost a case of having to regain a certain level of confidence.  In this case I find that I have to force myself to sit down at my bench and then take out something basic like a repair to get my ‘feel’ for my craft back together.  Usually, after a few minutes, off I go and all that motivation is back.  (Regardless of knowing this, forcing myself to sit down to do it is still hard!!!)

If it is because of something going awry or for example, a necklace just not coming together ‘right’, regardless of what I do, then I have to step back.  I have to purposefully put it away so it isn’t there taunting me, and just leave it.  If it is an order I will HAVE to come back to it the next day but if it is a piece for stock, then it sometimes stays put away for months!   Eventually though it has to be faced, and when it is, I usually find it either comes together easily or is impossible and I need to face the reality that it isn’t going to be the way I imagined!

It is important to remember that, for a lot of us, our self worth is often locked to our creations we tend to take things more personally than others – whereas in the bigger scheme of things these little dramas are just that – a little drama, easily forgotten and soon to pass.

Step back, look at why you started doing what you are doing – remember the excitement, the eagerness and the passion, take a deep breath and go for it!





One response

10 01 2008

This is very encouraging. I particularly like the last sentence, its good to remember what and why I started and how it effected me, because sometimes the important (but no so important) busyness of life tries to distract from it. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and the advice. Just knowing that it is the small steps that make all the difference…not so much the large ones, is a help.

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