Style – Susan Sheehan

13 12 2007

What is your style?  I remember wondering what my artistic style was.  How would I know when I had one and what would it be?  When I was working on my Photography I spend a period of time pondering my style.  I eventually decided I was drawn to a serene dreamy look and it must be my style.  What I didn’t realize was my style was present all along.  I only needed to gain enough skills to let it show.


As I look back I know style isn’t something one strives for.  Style becomes you.  It defines what you love, what you want to portray and what your skills let you share.  The answer is right in front of us, yet we don’t always see.

Think back to all your artistic endeavors.  Yes, we all do seem to have a background in more than one medium.  What is the underlying theme in each one?  What materials colors,  and textures drew you in?  What did people say about your work?  What do people feel when viewing your work?  What do you say looking back?

This is easy for me.  My earliest memory of my style goes back to coloring in kindergarden.  My teacher told my parents I had trouble staying within the lines.  It’s true.  I like to redifine the lines and keep it flowing instead of contained.  When I was making knit hats I designed the patterns along the way.  My jewelry was often created as I made it.  In Photography, I created scenes that were soft and dreamy, often not in sharp focus.  With glass too, I like a softer look that isn’t crisp and defined.

I think the reason many have a hard time defining style is the lack of skills in the given medium.  Until one can create without too much concentration on getting the technique right, it is difficult for style to show.  No need to work on one’s style, it will find you.  You only need to let it be.













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13 12 2007

I love how styles change too! OK, sometimes I look back and think “what was I thinking with THAT style” but you know what I mean…the evolution part. Great post!

15 12 2007
Stylin’ « Susan Sheehan

[…] | Tags: artist, fashion, serene, style |   Yesterday I posted an article about style on Collective Creatives.  But it occured to me, after I read Lisa’s comment, I left out something very important.  […]

25 04 2008

It makes sense that style will find us. Our students focus on the techniques so much that sometimes it is easier to see personal style on those who do not. I will tell my students style will come to you, your mistakes are your uniqueness.

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