Texture in Jewelry – Lori Anderson

16 11 2007

Texture is one of those things that transports a beautiful piece into a really interesting, eye-catching piece.  While the eye may skim over color, texture grabs the senses, making you go from “that’s pretty” to “wow, that’s amazing!”.

Texture makes you want to pick up a piece, touch it, turn it over in your hands.  Texture makes the ordinary extraordinary. It gives your piece a unique signature.

So how do you add texture to your piece?  You could add knots of fiber.  You could frequently, in the same piece, change the sizes of the beads.  You could add wood beads to a mix of clay and crystal.  You can add lots of charms and dangles to a simple strand of beads.

One of the best designers in the business is Stephanie Sersich.  Her work is the epitome of a textural playground.  She is constantly mixing random beads together and using fibers to create some of my favorite works of art.  You can visit her site at www.sssbeads.com.

When creating your next piece of jewelry, gather all of the beads you would normally use.  Then, paw through all your goodies and look for something that isn’t the same shape or feel from your “set” beads. 






3 responses

17 11 2007

I think texture is what I love most about designing jewelry…sounds like for you also, Lori!

27 11 2007

Beautiful pieces, Lori! I never thought of texture in this way! Thanks for a well written article!

3 12 2007
Louise / scarfitup

Love texture – in just about everything. Well done!

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