Balancing Career with Life – Connie Wyatt

12 11 2007

I have never really had a “career” in my life!  I am one of those women born at a time when women stayed home for the most part and raised their children, when there was only one car, which dad took to work, and there were many types of home delivery services that catered to mothers in this situation.  So, growing up, my ambition in life was to marry and have children of my own.  I did grow up, and I married my High School sweetheart who also happened to be the cute boy next door!  Alas, the children never came along and we traveled around for so many years that I never really had to get a job, never mind having a career. 

  Life for women has changed a great deal over the decades.  I think there are pros and cons of women being out in the work force.  I know so many women that have felt forced to leave their babies behind and go get a job.  There is sadness because they do not get to properly raise their children the way they might like.  On the other hand, the job field has opened up so much that there are fortunate women who really love their jobs and they then find they have a real career and not just a job.  And, joyfully, due to technology women have even greater opportunities to work from home and are then on hand to watch over the goings on of their household, which must bring a greater satisfaction and contentment. 

For me, having a business of my own, a career, if you will, was something that just sort of happened when I wasn’t looking!  I have found such a deep sense of satisfaction from working with my hands, creating such delightful handcrafted jewelry that I wonder how I ever lived without this purpose in my life.  For me, the biggest problem I have been dealing with is inventing structure for myself to be at my most productive.  There are many hats that one has to wear when you have an internet business.  You have to be the web master, the book keeper, the photographer and the artist.  Oh, I almost forgot shipping and receiving!  I think that the most difficult thing to achieve when you work at home as your own boss and task master is to have a structured schedule or routine that you force yourself to adhere to.  It is too dangerously easy to flip on the TV in the morning over your cup of coffee and fuzzy slippers and settle in and watch Good Morning America, and then get so comfortable that you follow that up with Regis and Kelly, then dare to stick around and watch the fireworks on The View.  Now it is nearly noon and not one bead has been strung, or bill been paid or picture been taken.  I need a boss!  LOL!   

I am still learning about running a business a year after having opened Crystal Daydreams.  I am having a wonderful time, and I am growing in self confidence in a way I never dreamed of before.  I think that the internet has given women so many opportunities.  Trying to figure out how to balance your real life with your virtual one is a nice dilemma to have.  It is wonderful to wake up each day knowing that your career is all about playing with beads in every color of the rainbow and that someone might actually pay to have something you designed and crafted with your own two hands.  That is satisfaction, indeed!




One response

14 11 2007
Lisa Liddy

It sounds like you are working out the kinks of balancing things quite well! Good for you…I still struggle, more with taking time for me than anything else…it’s too easy for me to work late into the night to get a jump on the next day, only to get sidetracked on the “me time” in the morning.

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