The Journey – Annette Piper

8 11 2007

As a jewellery designer, each piece of jewellery I make takes me on a little journey.   As I make one of a kind pieces, you can imagine I go on quite a few of these little expeditions.


The journey begins with the stones.   I am not a miner, fossiler or a lapidary so the stones when I find them, have already been on their own, sometimes quite long trip.  They have been mined or found, they have been sliced, cut and polished and maybe even changed hands a time or two before I find them.   But I usually know if we are meant to be united.  I start seeing possibilities from colour, shape and texture before I even get a good, close look.


Once I have selected the stones they usually go into one of two piles.  The pile that I HAVE to work on, (right now or I’ll go crazy!) or the pile where a little more thought is needed.  The creative journey can be frustrating or satisfying, enjoyable or  almost depressing.


Some pieces really come together very quickly and are finished fast if I have complementary stones, pearls and clasps to hand.  Others require a bit more work, sometimes days and days of looking, moving around, mixing and unmixing and sometimes even mock-ups before the picture in my mind can become a reality.   I am still waiting for inspiration to strike with some stones.  They can sit there for months like that before I finally pull them out and try again.  But I know I will eventually make them into something worthy of their beauty.


Even when the designing phase is ‘done’ the actual construction can go awry and require refining before it is right.   So more moving around, mixing and unmixing  and off we go again!  But eventually the piece comes together and is completed.

 I then get to bask in its beauty for a little while before it is sold, already hearing the call of other stones waiting on my bench for me to spend a little time with them.




One response

10 11 2007

Well said! I go thru much of what you described, myself. I love the journey, and it is interesting to stop and ponder over just what the journey entails!

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