Motivation – Maranda Miller

29 10 2007


My task for this month is to discuss the concept of motivation. So before I can write about it I had to the define the word. Webster’s dictionary defines motivation as an act or process of motivating. Which is defined as to provide with motive. And finally the main definition – motive – something that causes a person to act.

These definitions truly embark on the concept of motivation – But one thing I feel it fails to provide in it’s definition is the word passion. I’ve been reading Martha Stewart’s book – “The Martha Rules” – just because she has done things I aspire to take place via ZeVin Creations as it relates to card sending and even making. Anyway – in the first chapter there is this paragraph

Passion is the first and most essential ingredient for planning and beginning a business or for starting and satisfactorily completing any worthwhile project. Without passion, work is just work, a chore. Without passion, quality, the cornerstone of all businesses, is simply about minimum standards. Without passion, the people who will benefit directly from your efforts – the customers – seem incidental.”

which to me is one of the components of my personal motivation – my passion! My passion for touching someones life with one of the cards I’ve designed. I love and I’m grateful to be able to take in information about the recipient and make this one of a kind piece which becomes a gift as well as a card.

The second component in my personal motivation is my dreams for the company. It is amazing how making cards started out as a hobby and now almost 3 years later it is a business that I love being part of and is the main source of my current life vision and goals which have in turn become my life dreams.

You know in this line of business you experience various forms of setbacks such as difficult customers, bad shows, and decreased sales. For example, when we first started we took on a wedding custom order in our first year — What were we thinking? This custom order set us back financially and emotionally – we didn’t want to dare do another custom order despite the lessons learned. But I had to remember why I got into this business and realized that within my business dreams was custom orders. This gave me the motivation to say okay we will do custom orders but with restrictions and regulations.

So for me my passion for touching someone’s life via a card and my dreams for ZeVin Creations to be a household name are what gives me the drive to keep going despite bad moments and/or people in this business. As Webster’s states it those two components are what cause me to act, but since I’m a math person I prefer this formula for motivation.

MOTIVATION = PASSION + DREAMSMaranda Miller is one of the sisters for the company – ZeVin Creations – which provides handmade greeting cards for all cultures and occassions. You can learn more about the company via their blog “Making Gifts Within A Card” at




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4 11 2007
Lori Anderson

I LOVE the creativity of your display in that photo!!!!!

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