Color by Lori Anderson Designs

17 10 2007

Color is the stuff that attracts the eye.  it evokes emotions, stops you in your tracks and perks you up on a bad day. As a jewelry designer, I work with color every day, whether it’s in actually creating a piece, setting up my craft show booth, or shopping for more beads.   It’s one of the perks of the job!


I’m often asked how I store my beads, and after several different experiments,  by color is how I do it.  I have a huge cabinet, and each drawer in the top section has a specific color ,usually two drawers per color.  In the bottom section, I have a more random, eclectic assortment of beads.  Here I have gemstones stored by color family, all the warm metals such ascopper, bronze and brass living together. There area also a few drawers that are just a riot of mixed colors.  Those unruly drawers are filled with vintage lucite and all manners of Czech glass mixes that I create for cha-cha necklaces and fun, out of the box pieces.


I’m also asked how I come up with color combinations for my jewelry.  One of the ways is by keeping a Color Inspiration Notebook. This is a photo album full of clippings of dresses from Vogue, flower bouquets from the garden, paint swatches from Lowes.  I’ve even been known to see an outfit in Gymboree and scribble down “pink, brown, hint of lime” on a scrap of paper and stick it in The Notebook.   Another way is by choosing my colors and piling the bags of beads on my work table, and then shuffling them all around to see what sticks.  Often, there’s another bag of beads on the table that I forgot to put away from a different project, and those beads add just the extra oomph I was looking for.  Accidents in the creative process are good! When working with color, go with your gut.  Reach for what speaks to you.  Throw in a discordant color into the mix to see what happens.  Look at everything around you as a huge paint box.  Experiment with how you store your beads, paints and papers.  Before long, you’ll have more ideas than you’ll know what to do with!



3 responses

17 10 2007

We need to come up with a “real” name for that method: when beads from one project just happening to fit perfectly with beads from another project. Always great to have that “Aha” moment when it comes together.

17 10 2007

Just love your cabinet and orderliness! Great article!

24 10 2007
Lori Anderson

Joolz, I agree! Right now it just seems to be the “oh-dang-that-turned-out-cool” method, LOL!

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