Schedule It! – Susan Sheehan

14 10 2007

When my husband I decided to have a family it was important to both of us I stay home.  As June Cleaver as it sounds, I wanted to make my children breakfast, pack their lunches, help them with homework and be the Mom at every event.  I didn’t realize I might lose myself along the way. 


To stay sane I began to pursue creative endeavors.  But I wasn’t happy to just make things.  I needed to sell them too.  Eventually I found glass and a way to run a business almost exclusively from my own home.  I have the internet to thank for my modern day career.  I utilize online postage and shipping, online shopping, online selling and even online learning.


After the school bus leaves I have 6 hours to devote to full time work.  I mean full time in the sense I can give it my undivided attention.  This is the time I fit in exercise, the grocery store and household errands as well as precious torch time.  I have become the master at getting the most of those hours.


My secret is planning.  It is a bit odd to be a free-spirited creative with a list but I couldn’t do it any other way. On Sunday night I create my weekly plan.  I don’t necessarily write down what bead sets I will make, but I do have my time blocked off.  I have systems in place which allow me to make the most of my work hours and keep my hands busy during kid time.


I think my most clever trick is doing my online homework at the same time my kids do theirs.  I edit pictures, list auctions, write blog entries and answer emails in between word problems and proof reading.  We are all quiet and if the kids start to lose focus I find myself pulling in the reins in order to get my work done.  I also think watching me work while they do points out school is training for real life.


I can’t neglect to mention my husband.  Without him, I never could have started my business.  His support and encouragement is not only important, but part of what keeps me going. If I fall behind, he is often the one to jump in and give me weekend torch time.  Nothing feels better than knowing he is proud of my glass work and business.


It is pretty incredible how well my career fits with my family.  Because I am the boss and chief dishwasher, a sick child or school vacation never gets in my way.  It gets worked into my schedule.





6 responses

14 10 2007

You are definitely the master in this area!

15 10 2007

I enjoyed your article very much. I don’t have any children, so I have time, but I don’t always use it so wisely. You have inspired to me to try harder! Thank you!

15 10 2007

Great blog! I think your brilliant comment about doing your on-line work along side the kids doing their homework is right on. Too many kids only see Mom Dad leave to go to work and come home grumpy – they have no idea what working is all about. And many stay-at-home moms schedule their work only when the kids are sleeping or busy at their own activities. You are setting a great example for them, and your scheduling suggestions are absolutely necessary for anyone trying to work a cottage industry in with a real life. Wonderful!

16 10 2007

PERFECT timing on this post for me. I was just writing about how I’m in the process of finding a balance between my obligations as a mom and time for the torch on my own blog. I’m still working that all out, and I’m practically allergic to planning, but I’m starting to realize there is no other way to do everything I want to do. Thanks for a great post!

14 12 2007
Miss Courageous

My daughter is only 2 now, and I only get a few hours a couple of days a week, so right now it’s a challenge. Your article is inspiring to me because I know it can be done, balancing a home business and family. Thank you for sharing with those of us still struggling for balance. What a great role model you are, to your children and other crafty moms!

10 04 2008
Alison Whittington

This article is very encouraging!

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